Who, What, When & Where
Who is Kello Games

Kello Games is a small gaming company startup on the east coast of the United States of America. Kello Games is Limited Liability Company.

What games does Kello Games own and produce?

Currently, we are celebrating a re-release of the super fun simple game Deft Ninja. Deft Ninja is a simple fun game that allows the user to control the Ninja over many obstacles.

Do your games work on iPads?

Yes, most of games will adapt to the iPad. Some small tablet devices are not supported.

Can I resell your games or products?

No. Kello Games owns all the rights to their games and material, brand etc. and reproduction of such goods for individual or company sell outside of Kello Games is extremely prohibited.

Do you ever have competitions or awards for playing your games?

Often we will put out on social media that there will be special awards for High Score etc. We love the family that plays our games so we are constantly looking for new ways to celebrate gameplay. Stay Tuned.

Why do your games have ads on some of them?

We want to make fun apps / games for everyone without charging a fee. Having ads strategically created in our games, means that the user does not have to pay to play and allows Kello Games to develop, purchase, and distribute more games.